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    ePSXe wont load games

    This has never really happened before, I have used this emulator on this machine when it ran Windows XP, and now I am running Windows 7. I havent been able to find any notes of incompatability issues, and I tried the same emulator and plugins, via a flash drive, on a Vista machine and encountered the exact same issue.

    I try to load a ISO via RUN ISO in ePSXe and I am treated to a simple black window or screen.

    I have tried this with multiple ISO's including a copy of megaman legends that I got on this forum, they ALL do the same thing. On the vista machine however it would run from a PSX disk in the drive, so when I got home I Tried using a virtual cd drive, and the emulator just crashes.

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    I thought Windows 7 wasn't out yet... :raisedeyebrow:

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    ahem, very helpful post. ~_~

    Windows 7 RC was released for free on the Microsoft website for RC testers. It will last until this time next year, where we will be prompted to buy a copy or our machines will turned off.

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    try running it in compatibility mode for windows XP?

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    I attempted that, Running it in SP2 and SP3 comptability modes, no change. Leads me to believe it isn't WIN7 affecting anything.

    I am considering installing Win7's XP mode and test it there. (its a Microsoft Virtual Machine that integrates smoothly with Win7)

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    so the problem was

    my personal iso rips were corrupted...somehow.
    and the same for the downloads I got.

    I redownloaded a few isos and things worked fine.

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