D3DWindower: forced window mode for D3D/DirectDraw applications

I've been trying to run games like fallout, Nightlong or Starcraft in windowed mode for quite a long time. After seeing old tricks like shift+F4 and alt+enter fail, I dared to google... and I found something!

Direct download of the original version (japanese!):
Menu translation:
English "fan translation":
Let's add a game... Starcraft!

In words:

1. running a game with D3DWindower
1. click on the +, giving you an open window. Browse to the executable you want to launch with D3DWindower and click Open. If you need special command line options, it is recommended to choose the .ink shortcut. A new profile will be created.
1.2 If you're a lucky bastard, hit the computer symbol to launch the game in windowed mode.

2. Troubleshooting
2.1 If you're a doomed one (just like I am), hit the button with the hammer to enter the settings screen. If you have problems understanding japanese (or if you have just a broken jap. language pack on your laptop, just as I have), use the menu translation provided in the linklists above or directly edit the hook.ini located in the same folder as the D3DWindower.exe.
All I can say about tuning is: Every game needs individual settings in order to run fine. You can even set the resolution of the game inside the window.

2.2 If a game refuses to run ...
2.2.1 ... it is not a D3D/DirectDraw game.
2.2.2 ... you should try to copy the D3dHook.dll to the folder containing your game executable.
2.2.3 ... you should play around with the settings ;)

2.3. A lot of games were never meant to be played in window mode. Some of them got fucked up algorithms to figure out the cursor postion. Pay extra attention while tweaking.
2.3.1 When starting Nightlong - Union City Conspiracy, the cursor got stuck in the lower right corner of the gamescreen. I figured out that the cursor position translation from desktop to window is fucked up somehow. I fixed this by moving the whole game window to the upper left corner of the desktop.

3. ToDo
3.1 Since my japanese language pack on my laptop is broken (and my desktop PC is 200km away), I did not have the chance to translate the context menues. If anyone figures out, what they actually do, feel free to post a comment with a screenshot. Or maybe FaWzY is bored enough to help out or someone else capable of reading japanese...
3.2 If you have a supercool config for a supercool game, feel free to post or send me via PM if you want to share it.

4. Legal Notice
4.1 The software and the translations are copyright by their respective owners.
4.2 This guide is protected by the GNU Free Documentation License