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    How to play PSX Games on PSP

    What do you need
    *Image Files of PSX Games - .bin/.cue , .mds/.mdf , .iso , .img
    *popstation. i included Simple Popstation GUI by ZiNgA BuRgA.
    *a PSP

    Simple Popstation GUI (v3.00 beta)
    This program is a GUI for popstation which allows you to convert your PS1 games to a PSP compatible format.
    Features, including (but not limited to):
    # PSX images and EBOOTs are FULLY customizable - from gameboot/warning picture customization to changing Game Save names
    # EBOOT patching is quite fast - no more PSP Brew
    # Conversion with a progress bar! (note, no progress bar when creating compressed EBOOTs)
    # Supports CUE and MDF, as well as standard popstation supported files (currently, no other popstation GUI does this)
    # Extract ISO from EBOOT - includes compressed EBOOTs and will also extract a CCD file
    # Easy to use, more visually appealing
    # ALL files are included - no more searching for elusive KEYS.BIN or BASE.PBP files
    # MANY other features - such as a Preview feature, EBOOT add/delete/extracting etc etc - see screenshot

    NOTE: v3.00beta is for 3.03 OE-C and above. Use v2.26 beta is for 3.03 OE-A, 3.03 OE-A' and 3.03 OE-B. Use v1.26b for converting to 3.02 OE-B.
    Note, this program was written in Visual Basic 6. So if you have an older version of Windows (eg Windows 9x) you may need the Visual Basic Runtime Files for these programs to work. Download it here (1,040 KB).

    Start program
    1. Click Browse
    2. Choose your PSX Image File
    3. Click Open

    You may need/want to do a few fixes and tweaks...

    1. You may wanna change Game Title.
    2. If you have a PAL Region game you need this fix. Its for fixing graphics problems with PAL games on PSP.
    3. You may wanna customize EBOOT (teh way you see PSX Game on your PSP's XMB.
    4. If you wanna customize any of these, uncheck these and then
    5. browse/select file you wanna use.
    I will upload some PSX Icons you can use with this program.
    Here you go, some PSX Icons to be used with this program. I take no credit for this pack. i just found it somewhere and i dont even remember where...

    You can change Game Save and Game ID. For multi-dics games to work you must set Game save and Game ID the same for each disc.

    After you set them all click GO at teh bottom. it takes 2-5 minutes to convert a game. when teh program is done it will ask you if you want to transfer it to your PSP or not. Plug in your PSP with USB cable and program will copy it automaticly.
    You can transfer files to your PSP manually too.
    PSX games should be in X:\PSP\GAME\game name
    PSX games should be in their own folder in PSP/GAME folder. Make a folder for each CD.
    ( X: is your PSP drive you see in My Computer.)

    you are done. Turn off your USB connection. go to Game on your PSP XMB and choose teh game you want.
    While in game press HOME button to see settings/options.
    Now go play...

    ohh and you may wanna set CPU Speed to 333MHz when playing PSX Games. Dont worry its not overclocking. By default PSP CPU Speed it set to 222MHz. Its just to keep teh battery going longer.
    To change CPU Speed, Shut down PSP. Hold R button when turning it back on. Now you are in Recovery Mode. scroll down to CPU Speed and set it to 333MHz. You may set it back to 222MHz whenever you want. Do NOT mess with anything else when you re in Recovery if you dont know what you are doing.
    NOTE: Recovery Mode is for OE-Custom Firmware Users only. If you dont have Custom Firmware installed you will NOT see Recovery Mode.

    You may wanna convert the PSX EBOOT (PSP format) to a PSX ISO (PC format)

    1. Browse and select the EBOOT
    2. Click that to extrcat teh ISO
    3. You may wanna compress EBOOT again, to change compression level, Game save, Game ID or to customize it.

    If you need help use this thread.
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