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    PSX Emulation Cheating Guide - Gameshark/[pec]

    :uppydown: Welcome to Valencia's PSX Emulation Cheating Guide! :)

    This is your ultimate guide to cheating on a PSX emulator. Here, you will find several detailed instructions on how to cheat using two different methods ( the plugin-based [pec] or the disc-based GameShark) for two different emulators (two popular plugin-based emulators such as the ePSXe and PSXeven). Now, keep in mind that these methods are not limited to just these two emulators. For [pec], you can basically take the same idea and incorporate it into any compatible PSEmu Pro plugin-based emulator (this includes PSEmu Pro, AdriPSX, PSinex, SSSPSX, FPSE, and PCSX). There are also versions that support other emulators such as Bleem! and VGS. As with GameShark, you can also use the same method for other disc-based cheat device (such as Action Replay and GameBuster). But currently, we only have specific guides for the following....

    Configuring [pec]
    Using [pec]
    Using GameShark on ePSXe
    Using GameShark on PSXeven

    Please send a private message to Valencia if you would like to request another cheating guide or if you require further assistance.

    :nod: Thank you! Come again. :yes9ae:
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    Lightbulb PSX Emulation Cheating Guide: Configuring [pec]

    How do you cheat on ePSXe (or any other plugin-based Playstation emulator)?

    The answer? Use [pec] (short for psx emulation cheater) by Jens Duttke of .: EmuCheater.Com :. !

    Use of a GameShark….
    I’m not sure if anyone’s been successful cheating by emulating a GameShark disc. But the method of cheating via plugins should bypass the need to switch between discs on emulators.

    The features of [pec]….
    Just like the Gameshark, [pec] comes with a lot of pre-entered codes for many commercial games (although not all). Even then, you can add your own codes if you know them. And unlike GameShark CDs (and much like a GameShark Pro/Pro Action Replay device), you can generate your own codes too while you play in game.

    Where to download [pec]….
    Well….you can download [pec] in many places. But I’ll just direct you to the official site. Hehe….this place should also be able to give you any updates on cheats database, new features, and whatnot.

    How to setup [pec] on the emulator….
    Well….the process of enabling cheating on your emulator can be confusing. Well….not really. After downloading it, you have to install it on your computer. Just install the file, add the gpupec.dll file that comes with it to the plugins folder of your emulator, and configure your emulator by selecting psx emulation cheater as your GPU plugin. Then you'll have to configure the plugin itself. By doing so, you’ll have the option of selecting another GPU plugin, and that’s where you select the original GPU plugin you were normally using so that everything's the exactly the same as before you started cheating....except now you can cheat!

    Using ePSXe as an example....

    1) Run ePSXe.

    2) On the Config menu, select Video.

    3) Select the psx emulation cheater 2.5 as your plugin.

    4) Configure the [pec] plugin, and select your normal GPU plugin.

    Using PSXeven as an example....

    a) Run PSXeven.

    b) On the Config menu, select Advanced.

    c) In the Plugin Manager tab, select psx emulation cheater as your GPU plugin.

    d) Press Configure, and select your normal GPU plugin.
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    Cool PSX Emulation Cheatin Guide: Using [pec]

    Enabling cheat codes….
    To enable cheats, run the [pec] program, select cheats by checking boxes, and then send it to the plugin by clicking Send Cheats to Plugin (or press F9). Wait a couple of seconds, and then play your game with the cheats activated! For some specific cheats that are registered on [pec], you’ll need to double-click them to specify values. You’ll notice when to do so with this sign (?).

    Here's some examples of the above steps....

    I) Running the psx emulation cheater.

    II) Specifying specific values by double-clicking (?) marked items.

    III) Selecting codes by checking boxes.

    IV) Sending the selected codes to the plugin.

    Disabling cheat codes….
    At any point during your gameplay, if you decide that you want to stop the cheats, you can pause your emulator and disable the codes you activated by clicking on Deactivate Cheating (or press Ctrl+F9).

    Adding your own codes….
    Run [pec]. Then on the file menu, select User Database (or press F3). On the right side of the menu, you can type your own GameShark codes (I think others are supported, but some types like Caetla are not. Use CodeQuest to convert Caetla codes into GameShark codes). The left box is for the address and right box is for values. Click Add if you want to add more lines of code. Click OK if you’re done with the specific cheat. Oh yeah….don’t forget to name the codes, and be sure you have the boxes checked before you send the cheats to the plugin.

    Here are the steps....

    ~Access the user database.

    ~Type in your own codes.

    Cheating while in game….
    While you’re playing your game, you can press Ctrl+H to bring up a [pec] Cheat Hacking Engine.

    If you know a specific value, search for Equal Value. For the Data type, if the value is from 0 to 255, you can select Char (1 byte) type. For values between 0 to 65535, select the Short (2 bytes) type. Any value that’s greater, and you’ll have to choose the Long (4 bytes) type. Not really sure what this means? Well….to play it safe, always go for the larger one (although the Short type would suffice for most codes). Don’t even worry about the Search Range (unless you really know the specifics on the addresses used by each game) or the Data Base (unless your really know how to convert from decimal to hexadecimal. Decimal is good for working with a numbers based on 10. And hexadecimal is good for working with numbers based on 16). Press search to commence your search. Results will show you the possible codes that you’ve searched for (and most likely, there will be a lot of them). You can narrow it down by resuming your game (click Resume Emulation) and changing the specific value. Go back to the [pec] Cheat Hacking Engine again and search for your new value instead. That should narrow it down to just one code (if not, repeat the process). Double-click on the code to specify your own value. If you want the value to remain constant throughout the game, click on Freeze and type in the value you want. Otherwise, return to your game with the value changed to what you wanted (although, without freezing can still change at that point).

    If you don’t know a specific value (like a meter), search for Range. Data types won’t really matter now. This kind of search requires you to go back and forth between the game and the [pec] Cheat Hacking Engine. Basically, the steps go like this…. Click Search. Return to Game. Change Value somehow. Return to Engine. Search for Change Type (if the value increased, decreased, stayed the same….blah blah blah). And repeat….until you’re satisfied with the number of results. Then just like above, double-click to change the value (hopefully, you know what value to put….but you can figure it out through trial and error).

    You can save the searches by clicking on Save State. And you can access the same codes by opening the [pec] Cheat Hacking Engine and loading it (click on Load State).

    Using this wonderous game I downloaded (credits go to Cleidophoros) as an example....

    A) Run your game.

    B) Yellow box represents values of range. Green box represents specific values.

    C) Performing an Equal Value search.

    D) Performing a Range search.

    E) Specifying changes in value in order to narrow down search.

    F) Editing the value of the code being searched (one time only)

    G) Freezing the value of the code so that in remains constant throughout game play.

    H) Saving search states.

    I) Loading saved search states.

    Am I missing anything else? Pictures, maybe? I hope not. ;) Someone sticky this! Hehe…Valencia’s first guide.
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    Lightbulb PSX Emulation Cheating Guide: Using GameShark on ePSXe

    This is basically gladiator's guide to cheating with a GameShark....but picture book style.

    Once upon a time, there was a cursor wanted to explore the seven wonders of the cheating world. One day, he stumbled across a Game Genie. The Game Genie said, "I shall grant you three cheats." "Three cheats? F**K that!" exclaimed the cursor. So the cursor, neither a supporter of Pro-Life nor Pro-Choice, wasn't exactly a supporter of Pro Action Replay either. In its sea of sadness, the cursor decided to commit suicide by drowning itself in the desktop background of an ocean. But by some fate, the cursor was a GameShark! The GameShark said, "Use me, or I'll eat you!" And so....the cursor went on his journey.

    The first thing the cursor did was to find the ePSXe program on the computer. After many double-clicks on enemy folders, he finally found what he was looking for. With a double-click, he managed to acess the program.

    Now the cursor had to select the GameShark for fear of being eaten.

    After making the right choice, the cursor fell asleep and entered a dream state where the keyboard rules and not the mouse that controls him. So using the keyboard, SELECT CHEATS was selected.

    Now a great many choices of games were now made available. Cleidophoros's new favorite game was chosen however (what's your favorite game?).

    After pressing right on the keyboard, specific cheats were now made available for the game. Pressing the X while hovering over them enabled them.

    After pressing the START button, the main menu returned with the selected cheats. Then START GAME was selected.

    Then WITH CHEATS was selected.

    Then the ESC button was pressed on the keyboard, and the cursor snapped out of his unusual dream.

    The cursor had to change the disc quickly to the desired game now.

    After doing so, the cursor returned to the dream state where nothing seems to have changed. So he moved forward by pressing the X button.

    This caused the boot disc to load the cheats into the game.

    And so the game ran without ever knowing that it had been cheated by the cursor.

    And the cursor lived happily ever after.


    Well....that's cheating with a GameShark on the ePSXe in a nut shell. Stay tuned for cheating with a GameShark on the PSXeven.
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    Lightbulb PSX Emulation Cheating Guide: Using GameShark on PSXeven

    This post goes in depth on the process of cheating using a GameShark on the PSXeven. Hmmm....oddly enough, this process is almost identical to the one above. Oh's the guide....minus the story....

    Step 1: Run PSXeven by double-clicking on the executable program corresponding to PSXeven. This should run the PSXeven program.

    Step 2: Click on the File Menu, and click on the Run CD or the Run ISO option depending if you're using a GameShark CD or a GameShark ISO. Then select the GameShark file in order to run it.

    Step 3: After some weird introduction on cheating and memory card configurations and such, you'll come across the main menu as shown below. Select SELECT CHEATS as shown below.

    Step 4: Then scroll up or down to the game you want to cheat on. Press X if you want to enable all the codes available for the game.

    Step 5: Press right in order to access each specific code. Press X over the ones you want to enable. Press X again to disable.

    Step 6: Press START to go back to the main menu. Select START GAME.

    Step 7: Select WITH CHEATS.

    Step 8: After seeing something like the one shown below, press the ESC button on your keyboard to return to the PSXeven GUI.

    Step 9: Access the File menu again, but this time select Force Change Disk, and click on Cdrom or Iso File depending on if the game you are emulating is on a CD or in your hard disk.

    Step 10: You will return to the following screen again. Press X to start the game with the cheats enabled.

    Step 11: You will notice this screen afterwards. Just wait a while.

    Step 12: Congratulations! Enjoy cheating!

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